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8) Video

Watch it 😉👇👇👇
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We need to prevent plagiarism when writing our assignment, essay, report etc.
In this topic, sir taught about the important of avoiding plagiarism in every task we do in university. As a student, we must know how to write a proper assignment from our lecturers. All these things help us to get high points and grades in every semester. Here is the task that sir gave to us.

yeahhh i finished it all!!

6) Memory, Learning and Improving Concentration

There is so many things I learnt from this previous topic. Miss Aina taught us how to understand our memory process. As a student, we need to understand our memory functioning everyday. For example, Audiovisual and demonstration's method. Audiovisual is what we got from audio, facebook etc and demonstration is what people apply or write back after their learning process. All the methods are so important for student to remain the knowledges after their class or lecture.

                                                                  Learning Pyramid
                                                  Methods of Training and Retention Rates

Actually, how to improve our concentration? First of all is use motivational and organizational strategies. Make sure to create interest in the work , develop a positive attitude toward your work, use goal setting strategies and use time-management strategies. Secondly, create a positive learning environment by find a better l…

5) Library and Campus Resources

my group ^^

we need to take some information from books in our library. It was an interesting thing to us. We never know how to do it before. Hopefully, by use this method we got to know how to appy this benefit knowledge during make our own assignments in future. Perpustaka Tun Abdul Razak is amazing!

4) Taking Lecture Notes

How to take lecture notes ><

3) Time Management and Organizational skills

My academic calender for this interim ^_^

2) Goal Setting